Hey, I'm Alan!

I enjoy many different styles of photography, I’ve shot landscape, nature, wildlife, plants, sunsets, and the moon. The picture below is an American Kestrel that I had a passing relationship with for a few weeks a few months ago in the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge near my home in the Pacific Northwest. Seemed that every time I went into the refuge, this little guy was waiting for me.

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Welcome to NPN Alan! I think we have all of your photographic niches covered here. Looking forward to seeing some of your work.
By the way, this is a beautiful Male Kestrel. Judging by the sign, this is one of his favorite perches. Great to be ale to have a relationship with a skittish bird.

Thank you David!

Welcome, Alan! Beautiful bird that you captured, there’s a few folks here who live near and go to this same place! Maybe you already know them. @Dennis_Plank and @David_Bostock and I think a few others. It looks like a really neat place. NPN is a great place for giving and getting feedback and honest critique. Don’t be shy, you’ll love it!

Welcome, Alan. You did a great job on this Kestrel. I’m very familiar with this bird. It’s good to know another member from the area. We have three or four of us that go down there fairly regularly.

Thank you Vanessa! I don’t think I know those two but I’d sure be happy to meet them! Thanks for the welcome!

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Thanks Dennis, I’ll have to get connected with you all, it’s always more productive with friends along! Thanks for the welcome!

Welcome to NPN Alan and beautiful image! :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome to NPN. A lovely little bird and it’s so cool you get to see him often. As others have said, we have quite a few folks from the PNW and so I’m sure you’ll find a lot of images to connect personally with.

Jump right in - join any discussion that’s happening on other threads and continue to add your own. It’s kind of like an ongoing photo workshop to help with your everyday output or those difficult shots you just can’t seem to nail. Hope you become a regular part of our community.

Thank you Tom!

Thank you Kristen, I’m looking forward to engaging!

Hello Alan and welcome to NPN. It’s great to have another PNW photographer here. I’ve spent many hours driving that wonderful loop at Ridgefield and am sure I’ve photographed this little guy too. He looks like the one who’s mostly tolerant of us humans photographing him. Some of the others are a bit more skittish.

Looking forward to more of your work and hopefully a meet up soon.


Welcome aboard, Alan! I love the look this American Kestrel is giving you. He looks like he is relaxed in your presence. That is always a good thing. We had one that showed up here each winter for a few seasons, but I haven’t seen him for probably 3 or 4 years now. Looking forward to seeing your images and reading your comments on others. Again, welcome.

I also have pictures of the same Kestrel in the same location and probably on the same sign. I live in Olympia so I’m also fairly close. This is a nice image with good color and detail. Nice when you have a cooperative bird.

Thank you David! Look forward to meeting up with you!

Thank you Shirley. Yes, I had to work for this level of trust, many hours sitting by the sign doing nothing at all while he came and went on the hunt. I think he figured I was a new a part of the landscape!

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Thanks David. Not too far of a drive to visit the refuge!