Hi everyone! I am excited to join this community. I look forward to connecting with people and learning from all of you.

I love nature abstract scenes, grand landscapes, and small scenes, as well as wildlife photography (when those guys decide to cooperate, of course)

I have meant to join this community for a while and finally did. Everyone sees the world differently, so I am looking forward to learning from every one of you. I also love meeting and connecting with people in my craft, so, excited about that.


Welcome to NPN, @Martha_Montiel ! I’m sure you’ll be glad you finally joined. So many outstanding talents here, with supportive and constructive feedback.


Welcome to NPN, Martha! I love your first post. What a cute, inquisitive look on the mountain goat’s face! Love the lighting too! You won’t regret joining the community!

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Welcome to NPN Martha! It’s great to see you here joining this wonderful community. I am looking forward to seeing your images here. Speaking of which, look at that fantastic wildlife portrait!

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Hi Martha, welcome to NPN. I know you’ll get a lot out of this community and I am sure we’ll get to learn from you as well. Looking forward to seeing more of your work here.


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Hey Martha! Welcome to NPN! You’ll definitely find a spot in our community here!

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Thank you, Vanessa! Yes, love the way this fella was looking at me

Thank you, David! Good to see you here too

Thank you, David, @Alfredo_Mora @Mark_Muller

Hi and welcome to NPN. What a great goat! You’ll find a lot of wildlife and bird photography as well as almost every aspect of nature photography here. Sometimes we even sneak in a little non-nature. So have a look around, share your work and share your thoughts about the other work you see.

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Welcome to NPN Martha! Glad to have you here and we look forward to your images and your contributions to the forums and galleries. Don’t be shy!