Hi Everyone, I'm Grant. I just started my 30 day trial membership. Looking forward to exploring the web page and learn more about this great hobby of photography.

About 2 years ago, (covid lockdown) I decided to take my interest in photography to the next level. I joined our local photo club and was inspired to upgrade my gear (currently using a Sony A7Riii, Tamron, 17-28mm, Tamron 28-75mm, and Signa 100-400mm). I subscribed to Adobe LR & PS (cloud version). Enjoying the LR but struggling with PS. I was born in Minnesota, lived in Wisconsin most of my working life, am now retired, living in Florida 8 months and Wisconsin 4 months. I enjoy landscape, wildlife, and astrophotography.

Welcome to NPN Grant, glad to see you here. This image just has Florida written all over it.

I look forward to seeing your work here. I hope you decide to participate in the critique forums here, I think you will find the comments and input very helpful and educational. The type of comments you will get at critique here will likely be somewhat more detailed and specific than what you can get in the traditional camera club format (where time is often a contraint). And don’t be shy about making some comments on images by other people as well. Simply having to make comments in writing can be a great way to learn yourself, it forces you you think about why you like or don’t like something about an image. Having to verbalize that can be a great learning experience itself.

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Hi @Grant_Ihrke , and glad you found NPN! I’ve enjoyed it immensely. There are so many great contributors here, both through their comments and images. I’ve learned a lot, and like Ed said, I’m learning by just commenting on others’ images.
I like your beach siesta image. The sand’s slight blue cast along with the ripple shapes, is kind of a cool version of “water”, vs. the actual water!

Hello and welcome. I live in northern Wisconsin and I do stick out the winters although my neighbor doesn’t! Looking forward to seeing what you do in both places. This is a very inviting image and really does say Florida!

Absolutely echo what Ed mentioned about critique and jumping in with both feet. Don’t be shy. Have a good look at the Guidelines and check out the different sections to get an idea about the kinds of discussions we have here. It’s all about working to be better at what we do and collaborating to make images the best they can be.

Grant, welcome to NPN. I hope that you find this community of photographers as well as the site to your liking. Looking forward to seeing more of your work and reading your comments and critiques of other’s photos as well.

Thank you Ed for the kind words. Looking forward to learning more about NPN

Thanks for your comments - I never really looked that close at the waters edge - but I will.

Shirley - thank you for the welcome. I see you are the macro moderator - I have done very little with macro, but I will watch and learn.

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Howdy fellow Wisconsinite. I am looking forward to watching and learning . So far, I feel very welcome.