Hi everyone. I'm Harold

I’m a CPA living in Toronto, Canada. I’m on my 85th trip around the sun and ahve been retired for the last 1//4 century. My photography hobby started 70+ years ago, but, as you probably suspect, it made no real quality improvement during my professional career/family raising years. This past summer I devoted most of my photography time photographing birds and now I am preparing the images for the 2023 Bird Photographer of the Year contest. I’m hoping for ideas and inspiration from this site.


Hello Harold, and welcome to the NPN photographic community. From your intro it sounds like you’ve got a few more miles on you than I have to date… :disguised_face:
As I only photograph landscapes I cannot offer up any serious ideas on wildlife and avian images beyond a real appreciation for the tenacity it takes to acquire solid images in that genre. However, there are several very highly qualified folks here on NPN in the avian arena who can share ideas in that category… :sunglasses:

Welcome to NPN, Harold. I know you’ll get a lot out of this community and look forward to your contributions as well. What a very cool image to include with your introduction.

As @Paul_Breitkreuz said, the Avian area is quite busy here with some excellent photographers.


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Hi Harold, and welcome to NPN! This is a great community for inspiration and learning. Your introductory image is excellent and I’m looking forward to more.

Hi Harold, and welcome to NPN! I am confident that you will find this site to be a wonderful resource as well as a great community of photographers at all levels, and of many genres. I enjoy Avian, and shoot some occasionally when the opportunity presents itself. Macro is a wonderful category as well, as I can shoot without leaving my yard. Love your image of the owls. Very nice. They look like they are interacting with each other and could care less about you being there. Looking forward to seeing more of your images as well as your comments on other people’s photos. Again, welcome to NPN!