Hi Everyone, I'm Jamie, I have wanted to join for some time and it finally made it to the top of my to do list!

Hey, I am a landscape photographer based in Western Massachusetts. I love exploring my local area, especially if it is foggy. I started photography with a Canon Elan 7e and a DIY black plastic basement darkroom in 2001. After 15 years of doing occasional weddings and events to pay for this expensive hobby, I embraced landscapes and night photography to appease my preference to hike alone in the woods.

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Hi Jamie and welcome to NPN. Quite a beautiful image you have here with the foggy trees and the rows of plants. So you’re entirely a film shooter? That’s something in this day and age. I sometimes miss it, but not enough to take it up again. Do you do color work like this, too, or just black and white? Either way I hope that you’ll feel right at home and start to share images and commentary on the ones you see in the different categories we have.

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Welcome to NPN, Jamie. What a beautiful image you chose to use in your introduction. The color balance, lines, and light are beautiful. I hope you will enjoy being a part of NPN by providing images for critique as well as offering your feedback on other people’s photos. Enjoy NPN!

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Hi Jamie and Welcome to NPN :slight_smile:

What a great first image! I love the amber light coming through the fog, the single tree is nicely balanced by the two smaller trees in the distance inline with the plant rows.
Great lead-in lines with the rolling land!

Wonderful mood!

Just a lovely image and I’m looking forward to viewing more of your fog, night and inclement weather art!!

Edit: I meant to mention that I really like the mix of warm and cool tones in the sky!, Nice touch!

Welcome aboard! :slight_smile:

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Hi Jamie,
Welcome to NPN!

I have wanted to join for some time and it finally made it to the top of my to do list!
That was the same for me. I had NPN on my list for quite some time. Since I joined, my only regret is that I delayed it for so long. I hope you will enjoy this friendly community as much as I do.

That’s a great first image. I love trees, and your combination of sun and fog creates a beautiful atmosphere.

Can’t wait to see more of your work.

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Thanks for the tips Kristen. I still occasionally use my old film camera but most of my work is digital these days.

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Welcome to NPN, Jamie. Glad we made it to your to-do list. :wink: This is a lovely photo - the light and color gradation is super. Looking forward to seeing your part of the world.

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@Jamie_Malcolm-Brown, welcome to NPN! I’m fairly new here myself, although not new to photography. What a lovely image! I’m also looking forward to seeing more of your work. What are you shooting with these days?

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Hi Patrick, My main workhorse is the Sony A7R3 and the DJI Mavic 3. Thanks!

I’m a long-time Nikon shooter, but Sony makes great cameras as well. I just acquired a DJI Mavic 3 Classic myself. It’s been a lot of fun learning to fly it, take some decent video, and learn Adobe Premiere Pro.

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Hi Jamie; welcome to NPN! I will add to the chorus and say what a awesome image - I especially love the colour gradient from left to right.
I also had the Elan 7e back in the day. I sold it once I switched to digital because I didn’t use it at all but I now sometimes miss it and regret not having it. I’m not so keen on shooting film that I’d want to go out and buy a film camera but I might be inclined shoot a roll or two every once in a while if I had one. :slight_smile:

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Welcome aboard Jamie! Great to have you here and a great time to join!

Love the image, especially the warm>cool gradient/transition. Lovely image.

We look forward to your images and participation in the critique galleries. Don’t be shy!

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