Hi everyone, I'm Tom

Photographing for quite a few years, focused on landscape and wildlife, mostly in Israel.

My main passion in landscape is fog hunting. I feel that fog waves in the desert is one of the most fascinating phenomenon I’ve witnessed. It’s been a personal project of mine for a few years, and I’m still excited like a child when I see one. Thought of sharing such a wave as my first image here.

Really excited to join such a fine community of photographers with such passion for nature and photography.


Hi Tom and welcome to NPN. I hope you settle in and consider this your photography home on the web. Please ping me or any of the other mods (yeah, I’m volunteering them!) with any questions on how to navigate the site, post or work with the chat functions. I hope to see more of your misty goodness (fog is a photographer’s best friend) and your comments on other people’s work. Welcome aboard.

Welcome to NPN Tom, great to see you here. Congrats on the NLPA award, your work from Israel is fantastic! I think you will really enjoy our community.

Hi Tom,
Welcome to NPN.
What a beautiful first image. Fog and desert - that’s definitely a combination you don’t find every day, isn’t it?
Can’t wait to see more of your work.

Hi Tom and welcome to NPN :slight_smile:

Incredible image of a rolling fog wave! I had never heard of fog being referred to as a wave but it seems appropriate.
I’m looking forward to seeing more of your part of the world through your eyes and lens.
I did a brief browse through your website and I’m more than impressed :slight_smile:
Gorgeous work!

Isn’t it wonderful how nature can repeatedly have such an impact on our emotions! :slight_smile:

Honored to have you here with us! :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard :slight_smile:

@_Kris Thanks a lot for the warm welcome. Totally agree regarding the fog …
I’m just starting to get into things here, so pretty sure I’ll need that help - thanks for volunteering :smiling_face:

@David_Kingham thank you so much David, really appreciate that. We do have some gems, but I’ll admit that most of the time I do envy and miss those spacious, unobstructed landscape scenes you have in the US…
This platform you raised really looks well thought out, with so much talent and inspiration in it. I’m sure it’s going to be a new home!

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@Jens_Ober I think that as you said, it’s exactly that strange harmony between the humid fog and the dry desert that I find magical.
Thank you for your kind words Jens!

Welcome to NPN, Tom! Fog in the desert is magical for sure. I checked out your website - your work is lovely. We look forward to seeing your vision of your land.

@Merv that’s such a warm welcome, thank you!
I can totally relate to what you wrote, a short trip in nature is sometimes enough to recharge the mind for several days (at least)!
By the way, in Hebrew our term for that rolling fog is something like “fog glide”, directly translated, as it glides over the mountains. But I did see on several places that people tend to call it fog wave, so I decided to adopt that term.
Really appreciate your kind words Mervin.

@Bonnie_Lampley thank you Bonnie, really appreciate that!

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Welcome to NPN! A little late here, but had to drop in to say hi. I first wanted to thank you very much for your awesome comment on my recent posting! Exactly the critique and comments folks appreciate. So thank you for jumping right in!

Sure, it might take some time to navigate and find your way around - but just like processing our work, we learn one technique at a time… Find a gallery and hang out, learn the ropes and then explore the other areas as time permits. I’m sure you’re already doing!

Thanks again and Welcome aboard!


@Lon_Overacker thank you!! It’s always a pleasure to see an image you wish you’d have taken yourself…

It’ll sure take some time to get familiar with all the areas here. I think a place like this is so important in the era of social networks… Hope to get a chance to learn, and no less important- to contribute to other members here.

Really appreciate that warm welcome Lon!!