Hi. I am tamar. I am super excited to get to know you all and feel I found my lost village.

I am an American-Israeli. I have been living back in Israel for the last 12 years. I am an academic and teach and guide students writing dissertations. so most of my life is spent in front of papers and books. but I always made it a point to take a few weeks off every year and go to the most amazing scenic locations I could find. These several weeks of nature - just hiking, breathing fresh air and experiencing fully what nature has to offer always charge me for the new year. I have always took pictures for myself on these trips - just to capture my emotions and experiences. then in 2018 I was on a photography half day trip in grand stair escalante in utah and talked to some real photographers who explained to me how amazing it is to really take pictures. so I got back to Israel and took some classes to get into it. I got really hooked when I did a 4 day workshop in the fall of 2019 in the adirondaks in ny. That experience changed my life and got me addicted. Last fall I took a wonderful 5 day workshop in the canadian rockies (with Jennifer King) . It is hard to find where to shoot landscapes in Israel but I am part of a photography group with a guide that helps with that. In addition to getting out I hear lectures and attended the out of chicago live all 3 years so I feel there are many avenues of learning new tools and understanding better what to do. What I have been badly missing is someone to give me feedback on my pictures. I am scared to post on social media as I am really not sure my pictures are any good. so aside from workshops or conferences most of my pictures (and there are a lot) nobody saw besides me. So I mostly look forward to getting feedback and confidence in what I am doing. I am also waiting for opportunities to talk to professional photographers and learn from their experience. The types of landscape that gets me especially excited is anything with water - reflections, waterfalls, streams; trees and grand landscape. My favorite lens is wide angle.


Hi and welcome, Tamar! Sounds like you do a lot of flying to come back to the states so often. Hopefully your local camera group can help you to find some locations close to home. I know that was the result when I hooked up with some local photographers about 12 years ago. I’ve since moved and rely on google maps to find new and cool things. Your enthusiasm is catching!

This is a lovely opening shot. Water is a favorite of mine, too, and I think of most landscape photographers. It’s so engaging and immediate and it takes so many forms.

So again, welcome. I felt the same way when I discovered NPN - that I’d found my people. Have a look at the guidelines for some help in navigating the site and don’t hesitate to jump into any of the conversations you see going.

Thank you so much! I am very excited to start looking around and give feedback to others,

Tamar, welcome to NPN. I know you will get a lot out of this site and group. I look forward to more of your images, with your first one being an outstanding success. It is a wonderful mountain lake scene with really nice reflections and the foreground rocks in the lake adding some nice framing and direction for the eyes.

Well done and welcome.


Hi Tamar! Welcome to NPN. I know you’ll like it here. I’ve been here for a year and have learned a lot! This is a beautiful image. I can see that you already have a lot of experience. I was so excited to read that you got to go to the Adirondacks! I used to live in Saranac Lake and I miss it so much. I wish I had been into photography when I lived there, I hope to go back sometime with a camera in hand and much more experience than what I have now. I hope to see some of your images from there. Also looking forward to seeing other things that you do and discover from where you live too!

Hi Tamar! Welcome to NPN! It is a great place to get helpful feedback on your photos and learn from others. Providing feedback on other people’s photos is another great way to learn.

This is a good first post and I look forward to more.

Welcome to NPN Tamar!
The image you posted has a lot going for it and I can’t wait to see more of your work!

Welcome Tamar!

So glad you found NPN! We welcome your passion and look forward to your postings and participation!


Hi Tamar, and welcome! I really like this shot. Your composition is outstanding with a nice foreground and background, everything looks tack sharp. I like your editing, I see that you paid a lot of attention to the details. I can’t offer much in the way of critique, but I do wonder if the mountains would enhance the entire photo if they “popped” just a little more. Maybe some slight contrast or clarity adjustments? I look forward to seeing more of you work.

I’m a bit late to the party Tamar. But Welcome!! I know you will enjoy this site as much as I. You won’t get too many ‘great shots’ but the feedback is great and makes you think outside your comfort zone.

You have posed a wonderful first post. I hope we get to see many more.