Hi, I´m Inge from Norway

I am a hobbyist generalist nature photographer from Norway. I am mostly into landscapes, but I have recently bought a longer lens for wildlife and a macro lens which I am busy learning to use. I live in a town called Sykkylven on the western coast of Norway and shoot mainly in my local area. I heard about NPN on a podcast and it sounded like a good place to learn more about my hobby.

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Welcome to the community, Inge-Andre. Very helpful people around here, I’m sure that you will feel comfortable.
Seeing the wonderful image in your introduction, I’m confident to learn a lot from you as well.

Thank you for your warm welcome. I’m looking forward to learning from this community. Through articles, image critiques and challenges. And if I could help someone in any way I would be delighted.

Welcome to NPN! :slight_smile:

What a magnificent introduction image! Great composition and color! :slight_smile:

I have visited Bergen, Flam, Trondheim and a few other places near Sykkylven but I didn’t get to spend much time there. I was amazed by the Fjords and waterfalls.
I’m sure all of us would thoroughly enjoy seeing more of your part of the world through your lens :smiley:

Welcome aboard! :slight_smile:

What a dramatic photo - thanks for finding us and welcome to the community. A macro lens is a great way to feed your curiosity. I never tire of putting things in front of mine. Ditto for a long telephoto - all the better to sneak up on them with! Looking forward to seeing more of your world - Norway is on the list for a European visit, my husband’s maternal grandparents were from there and moved to Maine, USA. His paternal grandmother was born in Sweden so we really have to get to those Northern territories!

Thank you for the welcome and kind comments! I hope you had a good time in Norway.

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Thank you for the welcome! The macro lens has been put to use on a daily basis! You can get lost for hours with that thing…It´s a learning curve for sure, so I am hoping to find some information to help me when I figure out what I want to learn more about.
Cool to see you have a Scandinavian heritage. There is a lot of variety for nature photographers if you come over for a visit.

Welcome to NPN, Inge. Wow! What a photo you decided to share in your introduction. I love the composition, drama, and light. Simply stunning view. You’ll find NPN a very supportive community with lots of opportunities to grow in your photography journey. Enjoy!

Thank you for a warm welcome and kind words. I am really looking forward to finding my way around this site. It really looks great.

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Welcome to NPN Inge! So glad that you found us and we hope you’re able to pick up some good times and grow your “hobby” - I think most might think that this is more than a hobby… :slight_smile:

Looking forward to your images and participation in the galleries. Pretty easy going group, so don’t hesitate to jump right in!



Velkommen, Inge-Andre. Your image is gorgeous. I am absolutely in love with your country (og jeg prøver å lære litt norsk!) I look forward to seeing more of your work, and more images from your local neighborhood.

Hi Igne and welcome to NPN! You posted a really terrific image and I look forward to seeing more of your work! I think that Norway has some incredible landscapes and nature and I really want to visit one day - not only for the photography but I would also like to try out the fishing. I don’t know much about fishing but my brother in law (who lives in Czech Republic) goes to fishing off the coast of Norway every year. He showed me some pictures and it looks like an amazing experience. I’ve also recently been watching the show “Eventyrlig oppussing” recently. Do you know it? It’s a bunch of guys that go around Norway and renovate people’s cottages. The scenery they show in that program is just amazing!

Thank you, Lon! OK, nature photography is more like a lifestyle, I guess…! I hope to submit a few photos for critique, that’s mainly why I signed up, but there is so many articles here too!

Tusen takk, Jeff! I am happy to be here! If you ever decide to come and visit Norway I can probably suggest some nice locations

Thank you, Tom! I feel the same way about Canada! Amazing mountain ranges, and alpine lakes and prairies and wildlife! Saltwater fishing in Norway is great. Big halibut and cod can be pretty exciting to get on the hook! I have seen the show - I just wonder, how on Earth has that come to Canada…??? Anyway, thank you for welcoming me here. I look forward to finding my way around the site

I had a wonderful five week visit to Norway last summer. Lots of hiking and backpacking. I loved every minute of it!

It didn’t quite make it here but they broadcast a dubbed version of the first few seasons on Czech television which I watched here in Canada through their online stream. :slight_smile:

Good to hear! I guess the midges and mosquitos didn’t scare you away…they can be relentless at times!

I see! I thought Norwegian cabin life had quite a narrow appeal:-)

Velkommen, Inga! Your country is so beautiful. All of my ancestors are from Norway and I’ve had a chance to visit only once. I would so love to go back! Looking forward to vicariously enjoying the Norwegian scenery (of any scale - grand to macro) through your eyes.

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