Hi, I'm Matteo

Hello everybody,

I’m Matteo from a small town in North of Italy. I acknowledge the NPN looking for inspiration and contents quality to keep in focus my interest for nature and outdoor photography. Always inspired by the passion for the mountains and nature and curious about the dynamics of daily life that surrounds me I photograph life, time and mountains to observe and excite me.

First time for me joining such an high level network like this, but I think is a quality and real content focused one.



Welcome aboard, Matteo. I think you will find NPN a very friendly and helpful place to both share and improve your photography. I am looking forward to viewing your work and reading your insights into the work of others.

Hello Matteo and welcome to NPN. Glad to see you’ve found this site and posted your introductory message here… :sunglasses:

Hello Matteo, and welcome to NPN. You are right, NPN is more focused on providing high quality discussion, images critiques and and a place to showcase your images. I hope to see some of your images posted here, it is a good place to learn if you interested in growing as a photographer.

Hi Matteo. Welcome to our network of photographers from around the world. Please join in sharing your images and critiques. I’ve never been able to travel extensively so I especially enjoy viewing different countries through photographs. Again, welcome.

Hi Matteo, I too want to welcome you to NPN. It truly is a great place to be a part of, to share your photos as well as critiques of others. I have grown so much from this site. Looking forward to seeing your images and reading your comments.

Thanks to all for the welcome!

Hello Matteo, Welcome aboard, you have found a great site to learn. I look forward to seeing your images.