Hi! My name is Rudiger (rudy) Wolf. Two people I hold in high esteem recommended this site! I look forward to engaging with you.

Personal Growth! After many decades of growing professionally, as a husband and father, I now want to grow artistically and spiritually. I think the two are linked. I enjoy capturing images from the very small (macro) all the way to the very large (Milky Way). Yosemite, the Coast, the Redwoods, and Wildlife all have caught my interest.

I live in the San Francisco East Bay, on the slopes of Mt. Diablo, where I go for frequent strolls, camera in hand.

My intent by joining this community is to improve myself and my art through your constructive criticism and the many wonderful articles I have already found.

Welcome to NPN, Rudiger. I know you’ll get a lot of good support and info out of our community. I look forward to your contributions too. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about the site.

Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

Rudy, a big welcome to NPN. So glad someone recommended it to you. I have enjoyed the site for some years now, and learned a lot from it as well. Looking forward to seeing more of your images and reading your critiques. I haven’t tried night shots so really am enjoying yours.

Hi Rudy! Welcome to NPN! I really like your Milky Way image and am looking to seeing more of your work. This is a great community for photographers at any skill level to learn and improve. Getting critiques of your work is a good way to learn. In my opinion, evaluating and critiquing someone else’s photo is also a great way to learn and improve.

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Superb introductory image, Rudiger. Welcome to NPN. If your goal is to become a better artist/photographer, you’ve definitely come to the right location. Getting your images critiqued is a great way to learn what others see in your images, what you might have missed, and how to possibly improve on them. and as @Steve_Kennedy mentioned, critiquing other members images is quite possibly the best way to learn and improve your own photography. Looking forward to more of your images and your contributions to the site. Again, great first image!