Hi there, I'm Andrew - a long time lurker ;)

I’ve been lurking here for around two years now, even taken part in some discussions, and I’ve finally decided to give NPN more place in my day to day photography space and joined as a full member. I hope you’ll have as good time with my input, as I did for so long with your thoughts and comments. :slight_smile:

I mainly shoot landscapes (I know, it’s a broad category), but occasionally I’m also venturing into abstracts, intimate landscapes and night photography. My main topics are things I can find around, which are forests, rivers and mountains. I will be posting something soon, so you’ll see what I’ve been up to for some time. :slight_smile:


Andrzej, welcome to NPN. Looking forward to seeing your work and contributions.


Hi Andrzej! Welcome to NPN! Glad you decided to join our community. I’m looking forward to your participation and seeing your photography.

Welcome Andrzej; glad to have you aboard!

Welcome; and I love your Lemon Tree! Looking forward to seeing much more of your beautiful part of the world.

Welcome to NPN, Andrzej. I too am glad you decided to join and hope you find it to be everything you hoped for in a community of photographers. I know I did.