How can I improve?

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What technical feedback would you like if any?

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

(If this is a composite, etc. please be honest with your techniques to help others learn)

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Welcome to NPN. You can improve by rotating the image clockwise in photoshop to straighten the horizon.

@valentina welcome to NPN.

As @Igor_Doncov said, the first step would be straighten the horizon. Then as this image requires a large dinamic range (shoting directly in to the high sun can be hard) i would recomend raise the dark shadows and try to get so detail there.
Composition wise if you are trying to give focus to that island i would go a bit left (in theres ground to do it) and frame the island on a more standout position maybe also removing that fence (bench?) on the right. Positioning the island and using that rock to guide the eyes to it can make a diference, even more if you can frame the sun on top of the island, that would make a very interesting image.

I tried to do some ajustments to your image even with the information on the file being limiting but here it is:

(the colours are a bit odd, dont know why)

Keep shoonting and on the next post try to include some more information about the image, the camera you used, the location, the settings etc. The more info the more feedback can be given.



Welcome to NPN! Great to have you here.

I think one of the ways one can improve and to allow folks to help you learn, would be to provide some information so that we can offer better advice and suggestions. For example, what was that attracted you to the scene and what were you trying to capture? I see a great cloud with some interesting optics going on with the sun, a bold reflection, etc. It also helps to let us know your experience of where you are at in the journey and what you would like to learn.

From the image posted, the comment already made about the tilted horizon. I’m not sure what that is onthe right, a gate, fence or something else? Not sure what limitations you had to your vantage point, but could you have moved closer and avoid the rocks and fence? That would simplify the composition and showcase just the water, reflection, sky, cloud and sun.

Tell us more. And welcome!