Humor in Photography

I don’t know how NPN feels about photographic humor. If this is unacceptable then please delete it. Otherwise I welcome others to contribute to it.


I love it! I’ll have to see what comes up in my Twitter feed.

I don’t believe that this is a Hoya filter. Very funny…Jim

Yeah, the soft focus doesn’t show the dirt.

Ha! This is good! I hate to admit it, but it took me a while to see the subtle change.

I must be getting old, took me a second to catch it. Great humor.

This is fun, Igor. I don’t see much photographic humor and it’s refreshing to do so.

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Not sure if this qualifies as humor, but a camera as a candle holder? Brings a whole new meaning to Flickr.

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Be forewarned this can be a bit vulgar at times, but the compstomps account on Instagram can be quite hillarious.

“Get thee to a nunnery!”

Shakespeare comes to Baja.