Hurrying Home -PS modified

ILake Nyassa, Mozambique.
Leica CL, 18-56
I hope a “lakescape” counts for this section. :wink:

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

It does to me; I’m working on an image similar in some ways to this.:blush:

I love the simplicity and serenity. You caught the boat perfectly silhouetted. Nice texture in the water.

I wonder if there is more shading available in the sky.



I like this as is, but if it were mine, I would crop it to a pano and get rid of the sun completely. The sun is implied by the highlighted water. JMHO so take it for what it’s worth, LOL

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I like my brother Mike’s suggestion of making this a pano and cropping out some of the sky. I might even take it a step farther and crop a little from the left so as to move the sailboat a bit off center. The sun does tug at my eye and cropping 1/2 the sky works best for me. Just some suggestions of course. The high lights on the water work very nicely in this scene as does the mood.

And I was so happy with that beautiful colour gradient in the sky with the colour echo in the water… :frowning:

I like how shot it into the light and got that reflection. I also like the shape of the sail and it’s implied movement. A couple of suggestions with respect to the timing of this image. A. Have the boat on the left moving into the image. B. Have the boat move towards the sunlight rather than away from it. Those are traditional composition ‘rules’. But sometimes images are more interesting when they don’t do that.

I can see the points raised by others but personally I like it as is. That great expanse of metallic-looking sky seems to stress the loneliness of the boat. The high contrast in the waters looks good against the grey/blue tones of the sky.


I too can see the points some of the comments have made, but I’m with @Ian_Wolfenden in that I like the image as presented. I especially like the way the sun is presented in that you are not really showing all of it in the sky by placing it close to the frame edge. This is an unusual way to show the sun, and the gradient of light creates a hazy glow that makes for a wonderful mood in this image.

My only wish is that you had taken the image slightly earlier and caught the sail boat in the center of the sunlit area of the water, it would have made for a more dramatic image I think. If your personal ethics permit, that might still be possible via photoshop.

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I might agree about the PS moving of the boat but I would have to try. I did take one earlier, but the extreme reflection of the water destroyed the fine detail of the boat,


Personally I prefer the original, as the position of the boat symbolizes the transition of day into night. Somehow tension and motion is lost from the image, it has become too conventional, a bit boring and static.


I too really like the gradient as well as how you managed to “mute” the sun. Agree there are many different interpretations and reactions, and “wishes,” but I agree with you that there is some tension here and the one rule still in tact - there is more room in front of the boat than behind, so there is “room to sail.” (with one’s imagination.

My only thought has to deal with the extreme dynamic range. In order to hold the highlighted reflection, it looks to me like the non-sunlit parts of the water are a bit dark. Ok, I get the day to night transition, but clearly it’s not night yet and I think the eye would be able to see a bit lighter body of water outside the reflected area. Hope that makes sense.

Otherwise, simple is almost always good and this came out great.


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