"I see You"

Specific Feedback Requested

C/C welcome

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Nikon D810
Tamron 24-70


I rather like this one, Joao. The OOF effect works well, but I would be inclined to crop about half of the whiteish OOF in the nearest foreground. Balance-wise, it seems too heavy to me. Otherwise, looks good.

Great composition Joao. I guess I would prefer more DOF in FG

This is really well seen and well composed. I like the composition as is. This is a total juxtaposition in that the tree appears to be either dead or in transition through the seasons but that foreground is rip roaring with color, life, vibrancy. Nice!!!
That tree is sharp as a tack and the surrounding flowers are well positioned, and the right height, framing the tree and the left and right sides of the frame. I’m not sure about the top of the white frame being smaller than the sides.

I love the selective focus you used here. And I like your title as well. There is a whimsical and child like sense to this. The focus nicely separates the winter from the spring, the past from the future. It’s an uplifting image and the composition affirms that.

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I really like the image as posted. I could be lieing in the field daydreaming the day away. The image has a calm and beautiful feel to it. The composition works just fine for me.

No nits.

What a great example of bokeh used well; I really need to play with this more myself. Having the tree be the star by selective focus is an eye grabber in a good way.