Ice in the Gorge

Ice in the Gorge

(Nick Bristol) #1

I went out this morning with hopes of getting a couple of new winter images. We have a gorge about 40 miles from where I live and that is where I headed. I had not been there for almost a year and was really looking forward to seeing it in the winter. This picture is one of the ones I made while I was there. Had to be pretty careful because I could hear the ice cracking under my feet but all in all I think it was pretty solid overall. Made it in and out anyway.

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Canon 5DMK4, 24-105L lens, ISO 50, F/11, 0.4 sec with a cpl.

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(Minhaz Sarker) #2

Lovely shot! Glad you made in and out safely!

(Alberto Patiño Douce) #3

Glad you made out safely and that you were able to hold on long enough to get this image. The contrast between “perfect static detail” on the icicles and the dynamism of the water works well, as does the vignetting, which adds a sense of mystery.

(Nick Bristol) #4

Minhaz and Alberto, Thanks guys! Really looking forward to getting back there soon. We just had another 10" of new snow and I really want to see what it looks like now. Cheers!

(Ed Lowe) #5

Hey Nick; nice to see an image from you again. The details in the ice are outstanding as is the subdued lighting. Glad you made it back safely.

(Anil Rao) #6

What am amazing scene you have captured and portrayed in this picture. Looks very formidable. The light and dark areas add the that mystery.

(Lon Overacker) #7


This is wonderful! What strikes me is the lack of scale. Sure, the snow/ice surrounding the pool can’t be all that huge, but still, there is no context/reference. I also like how the water is bubbling out beneath the edge without any real clue where it came from. Well done!


(Ed McGuirk) #8

Really nice work here Nick, great job on the B&W processing. It’s not often that you see a waterfall image as a horizontal panoramic, but it totally works here.

(Nick Bristol) #9

Ed L., Anil, Lon, and Ed M., Thanks so much guys! I had a great time making this shot (as long as that ice held up) and I’m so glad you liked it. Thanks, Nick

(Nick Bristol) #10

Lon, Just for reference this pool is about 8 feet across or something close to that. Like you I enjoyed that fact that there was a real lack of scale in this composition. Thanks so much! Nick

(Igor Doncov) #11

Love this Nick.

(Nick Bristol) #12

Hi Igor, Thank you so much! I’m so glad that you like it. Means alot to me. Nick

(Richard Teller) #13

This works great in B&W. I really like the detail in the ice crystals.

(Mark Seaver) #14

Nick, this is a fine mix of ice and flowing water. It illustrates the beauty of winter well even as it creates a good sense of chill.

(Darren Marshall) #15

Nice juxtaposition between the ice and flow. It’s a beautiful image, Nick. Round trips are always the best plan!

(Nick Bristol) #16

Richard, Mark and Darren, Thanks guys! Really appreciate your comments!