Icelandic Dessication Cracks

I photographed these amazing dessication cracks (mud cracks!) near Myvatyn, Iceland on a Colorado College Geology Department field trip. My first time to Iceland but hopefully not my last

Pertinent technical details or techniques to help others learn:

Fuji XT-2
10-24mm lens
0.5 sec at f/16
ISO 800

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Welcome back Stephen to the newly reincarnated NPN 2.0! A MOSAIC of mud cracks. Love the color combo and the patterns/lines are wonderful. Complimentary sky and overall a wonderful near/far comp.


Good to see you again, Stephen. Great crack patterns fading out the mountains and sky. Looks real good.

Thanks Lon! Yes I decided to come back to NPN.! 2.0 looks really great. David and Jennifer have done a great job revitalizing the site!

Thanks Harley! The site is looking really great and I will try to participate more regularly.

That’s quite a geology field trip! Where can I sign up. :slight_smile:
Well done, Geologists are such succors for mud cracks.

I hope you had a chance to hike in the Central Highlands. I can’t get enough of the colorful rhyolites.

Hey Bill
The trip was our Block One “Regional Geology” course with 11 students. We were there for 3 weeks and saw and studied some amazing geology. We did the complete ring road but unfortunately did not get into the highlands. They are on my list when I go back myself for photography hopefully sometime in the next few years.

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Amazing colors for cracked mud.

I really love the warm and cool colors in the cracks, your processing of color here has a lot of impact. These cracks are an abstract photographer’s dream, and a jigsaw puzzlre’s nightmare. Really enjoying this image.

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Thats insane. Great shot.


What a great find. I think I’ve actually been to this spot but in winter. You’ve also got a great abstract shot here without the sky.