ID Help?

Looking for some help to ID this bird. I normally have great luck with the Audubon app but no luck this time. This was taken today along the Sonoma Coast, Northern California. Sparrow, finch???

Thanks for any help, I am sure it will be an obvious one that I am just missing. :roll_eyes:

My best guess is a White Crowned Sparrow. Merlin Bird ID agreed based on location.

Thanks Keith! Maybe a juvenile 1st year, White Crowned Sparrow? Amazing how different a single species of bird can look from young too old. Guess not too much different from us!

I use the Merlin phone app. Free and awesome. I took a photo of your photo on my Merlin phone app, submitted it and it did come back as a White-Crowned Sparrow. :slight_smile:

That is great Lanis, I had not heard of that app and that is amazing how it works. I appreciate the reply!