If you are faced with a mountain

"If you are faced with a mountain, you have several options.

You can climb it and cross to the other side.
You can go around it.
You can dig under it.
You can fly over it.
You can blow it up.
You can ignore it and pretend it’s not there.
You can turn around and go back the way you came.
Or you can stay on the mountain and make it your home."

― Vera Nazarian, The Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration

I was watching a video on the internet recently shot at a ski resort in Italy and the incredibly beautiful mountain views in that video really inspired me to have another go at processing this older image of mine.

I find myself reprocessing older images more and more, mainly because my aesthetic tastes have evolved and because my post processing skills have improved. I’m curious, am I the only one or do you also re-work your older images?

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Really like this image Tom. B/W works well. Nice tonal range. You are not alone in revisiting older images…especially in the winter when I am not out as much.

Tom, this is a great image. It really gives you a sense of scale when you zoom in and look at the trees on the valley floor. It’s then you realize the magnitude of these mountains. It’s nice the clouds didn’t cover the entire valley floor. And yes, I love to go back to old images.

Good one, Tom. I love the clouds. Yeah, I revisit older images from time to time. Like you, my tastes have changed a bit over time and my photoshop skills have improved.

Beautiful image, Tom. I really like the B&W look.

I’m recently brought my entire raw photo images into a Capture One catalog (like Lightroom) and am working my way through them. It’s fun to go back and re-envision with a new eye and new technology.

Absolutely! I am going back to some older images that I processed when I was much less experienced at both photography and processing. I found that most of my older images were too processed, overly vibrant, etc. This is a great take on an older image with lots to love about it. I don’t know how old this is but there is great detail and it’s clean. The composition is terrific. Well done Tom.

Glad you are doing it, because this image is great! The black and white works well for the drama and high contrast here, and I really like the way the brights and darks are layered.

@Mario_Cornacchione , @kelly_cole , @Harley_Goldman , @David_Bostock , @David_Haynes , @John_Williams - Thank you all for your kind comments!
I’m also glad to hear that you guys go back and re-process your older images too. :slight_smile: