I'll Take Fries with That

This capture was the best surprise. I’ve been trying to photograph a raven for a few years and this one just landed right in front of me. A memorable morning for sure.

Please list any pertinent technical details or techniques to help others.

Hand Held - Canon EOS 77D - EF55-200mm lens SS 1/1000, F/5.6, ISO 100

A fun capture, for sure, Laura. Glad you got the shot that you had been trying to get. Always a good feeling.

Lucky day for you Laura . . . and a very nice photo. Wonderful detail in all those black feathers.

Yes it certainly was a memorable day, as one very seasoned National Geographic photographer put it, it was photographer’s luck, thank you, I’m now inspired to photograph Ravens in their natural setting.

It was a very good feeling to start this part of my photographic journey with a capture that inspired me, and this certainly did.:blush:

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