I'm Ariella, and I Hike with a Camera

As admitted in my profile, I’m just a dabbler–but I can’t get enough of the views. When I started hiking regularly, about three years ago now, I found the sights all around so beautiful, powerful–soul soothing–I just had to start taking some of them home with me. :slight_smile: So I began with my cell phone, taking pictures any time I found an inspiring view, or even just something small along the trail to catch my eye.

Since then, the camera has become a fixture on all my hikes–most of which have been in New Hampshire, USA. I’ve moved on to a “tough” camera, waterproof, shockproof, and so on. I’m still learning what my new camera is capable of, and I’m eager to learn more–as well as more about the craft of nature photography.

The image I’m sharing with this post is my current over-all favorite (of what I’ve taken this year), for the view! Though I have so many favorites for so many reasons…I guess I’m also hoping as I learn more about photography, maybe I’ll understand more about why certain photos appeal to me so.

Hello and welcome from a NH-native. I was just back visiting last week and spent a lot of time on the seacoast, but not the mountains.

Hiking with a camera is at the core of my photography as well and I’m looking forward to more scenes like the one you posted here.

One of the best ways to learn here on NPN is to be specific with your camera settings and processing - what you’re using for both and what you’d like to improve about a photo. We are all here to learn from each other and improve in our own skills and vision. I’m looking forward to your participation!

Ariella, welcome to NPN! So glad you found us. Kris has given you some very good advice for learning here at NPN. Looking forward to seeing more of your images. This one is beautiful!

Hi Ariella! Welcome to NPN! I too am first a hiker, since I was a kid, and just in the past 3 years have started photography. It just seems to go hand in hand! My hikes take a lot longer now! :smile: Anyway this is a beautiful scene you captured! It looks familiar, is it Mt Manadnoc? It kind of even looks like a part of the Blue Hills in MA. Looking forward to more! And like @Kris_Smith said you can learn a lot from everyone, and it’s all about give and take and helping each other improve in this community. I think you’ll love it! Again, welcome!

Welcome to NPN Ariella, I look foward to seeing more of your images here. I think you will find NPN to be both a source of inspiration, with great images from our members, as well as a great place to learn through the critique forums. Don’t be shy about either posting your own images for critique, or leaving comments on other people images, that can be a great way to learn too. I think you will find the critique comments to be very constructive and educational. People here really are interested in helping others to learn.

I am a “neighbor” of yours, I grew up in the Monadnock region of New Hampshire, and live in eastern Massachusetts. I do a lot of landscape photography in VT/NH/ME/MA.

If only mountains like these were the Blue Hills, then they would be only 12 miles from my house, instead of 2.5 hours away. Looks like the Franconia Notch area with Cannon Mountain in the distance . Ariella can confirm.

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Sorry @Ed_McGuirk , I knew I was spelling that wrong! Is the Franconia Notch near Mt Washington? That was the other area this reminded me of, the rocks that Ariella is on and the view! So awesome!

Franconia Notch is near Lincoln, NH, about an hours drive southwest of Mt. Washington. I’m not a serious hiker like Ariella but this looks like it might be taken from near Mt. Lafayette, looking at Cannon Mountain.

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Thank you for the warm welcome, and the advice!

@Kris_Smith I’m using an Olympus T6 “Tough” Camera. So far I’ve only tried, the generic “scene” setting, “landscape” sub-setting. I wish I knew what that meant about the “lens” the system uses for that etc. Alas, I don’t–but I would love to know, and would love recommendations on where I might look into something like that to find out.

@Vanessa_Hill Yes! My hikes now take me 1-2 hours longer than what gets suggested for the trails I take because I keep taking pictures–or, as happened with this photo, hanging out atop Mt. Liberty in NH for a solid half hour with a bunch of fellow hikers all swapping trail stories as we too pic after pic, not wanting to leave the views behind.

@Ed_McGuirk and @Vanessa_Hill , This particular photo was taken from the top of Mt. Liberty along the trail that goes from Mt. Liberty to Mt. Flume in Franconia Notch, NH.

@Ed_McGuirk , I’m pretty sure the Mountain pictured was actually Mt. Lincoln, which obscures Mt. Lafayette from that that vantage. I’m basing this on where I was standing…thinking Cannon Mountain (Favorite Hike in Franconia so far!) may have been a little further off to my left and therefore the mountain pictured in my profile photo–taken from the absolute summit of Mt. Liberty beside the surveyors disc (also in the photo if you look close :slight_smile: )–is indeed Cannon Mountain. Amazing you knew that by sight!

I’m going to second the wish that the Blue Hills in MA provided anything approaching a view like that, though I do I have a few good shots taken from the Sky Line trail in Blue Hills Reservation I may post either on the Showcase or Critique forums.

By the way, which of those two forums would any of you recommend in which circumstances? I was thinking if I’m just looking for comments in general, I would post to the Showcase forum, but for in-depth analysis or specific advice, the Critique forum…Is that about right?


Showcase is for general comments, and showing off your work. In Showcase there is no real critique about what could be done to improve it, or what things people don’t like about the image, or could be done better. Thus Critique is where you would go to learn and improve your images. I would suggest Critique if you want to get honest feedback, both favorable and unfavorable. In Showcase people cannot leave criticism, or suggestions for improvement. Critique can be an eye opening exercise, particularly if you are relatively new to “serious” photography.

Welcome aboard! I think you will find NPN an excellent and friendly place to move your photography forward. I would second Ed’s recommendation to post in the critique forums, both your own images and give your thoughts on those of others, which will also improve your own work.

Thanks for the advice! I’m working on a post to the critique board. Here goes… :slight_smile: