Image Size

For some reason, the last two images I posted were resized down to 1075 pixels on the long edge. They were posted @ 2150 pixels. I haven’t changed any of my methods. The last correct image I posted on 10/14 with same MB and pixel size was fine. Then the next one is 1075. I just deleted the one I posted today.

Hey Michael, what was the size of the file? If it’s over 3 MB it will be resized. If it’s not that big could you email me the file at so I can take a look?

Thanks David. Yes I know files will be resized if over 2mb. I’ve never worried about that before and just let NPN resize them. My understanding is that will just change the file size and not the pixel dimensions. My last picture “Almost Heaven” was around 8 or 9 mb and around 2000 pixels on long edge. It was resized by NPN to 1075 I think. That is the first file I’ve had a problem with. I posted another today and it was also downsized so I deleted it.
My previous two pictures before that “Pretty Pollution” and “Bass Harbor Lighthouse” were both over 8 mb and 2000 pixels but they rendered correct pixel size and weren’t sized down re pixels.

That should be the case in my experience as well, that’s why I would like to see the original jpg so I can do some testing.

Thanks David.

You’ll need to email it to me so it’s not resized. Thanks!

Sorry. Thought I did. I’ll try again later. Thanks

Hmm, this is very strange. When I upload it the size is retained. Could you try uploading it here in this thread and see if it resizes for you?

Sorry @David_Kingham , I sent you the wrong file. This one loaded correctly. I’ll upload the one that was downsized and also send it to you.

As you can see @David_Kingham , it downsized to 1075 pixels. It was 2150 pixels to start.

Okay, please email me that file.

@David_Kingham . I emailed the file and it came back as not delivered.
Message says: The Domain Name System reported that the recipient’s domain does not exist.

Okay, I finally got your image. It was indeed over 3 MB which triggers the software to downsample the image. I thought the software resampled it like you would by changing the quality setting in Photoshop. But, what it actually does is resize the image by half, so your 2150 px file was reduced to 1075 px to reduce the size.

As always, the best way to ensure that your image displays the way you want it to is to do the resizing yourself when exporting from Lr, Ps, etc. to keep the file size under 3 mb. This can easily be achieved by changing the quality setting to 60 or likely even higher. At 2000px or so you should be able to set this to 80 or 90 and still be under that. Maybe it’s the addition of the border that increased the file size? I’m not really sure without knowing your process and settings.

The reason I’ve chosen 3 mb is not so much for storage since that’s cheap these days, but it’s to ensure the images load fast for everyone. Let me know if you have any questions!

Thanks @David_Kingham for the effort you put in to solve the problem. :+1: