Images not showing on iPhone 11

I wonder if anyone else is experiencing this. I updated my iPhone from an iPhone X to and iPhone 11 and since then my mobile experience of the site has deteriorated. neither the app nor the web browsers are showing images.
Example, if i go to “Latest” all i see is a list of topics and who posted them without the images. before my device upgrade i used to see the photos.
now i have to click on each title to see each image posted :thinking:

Hi Aref, sorry you’re having trouble. By chance are you using the browser in private mode? That’s the only thing I’ve seen to cause this. Could you post some screenshots?

No it is on Normal mode. Even the app is behaving in the same way.

And i tried both Chrome and Safari

That’s very strange, I don’t think anyone else is having this problem. Could you try clearing the cache for safari?

To clear your cookies and keep your history, go to Settings > Safari > Advanced > Website Data, then tap Remove All Website Data.

I’m having the same issue.

I am so have another “change” in my app experience that may be associated, not sure. At the very top, instead of showing the bar where I can select different t areas to view it just says “Test”

Thanks guys, I can reproduce this myself now so I’ll start investigating.

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@David_Kingham No problem, happy to test anything out on my end if it would be helpful for you.

Thanks David, this should be fixed now! Try refreshing or closing/restarting the app. Sorry for the trouble guys!

FYI the NPN app has been deprecated for a long time, Apple hasn’t allowed me to update it so it has a few problems. I would recommend either using safari and save to your Home Screen, or download the Discourse app and add NPN to that. I’m working on a new app but it’s going to be a little while.

Also, the bar at the top is a work in progress, so that’s expected. I’ll get that fixed up tonight!

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Thanks @David_Kingham for the quick response
It is working now

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@David_Kingham all good now! Thanks!

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