In The Glow

Don’t know if this will appeal to anyone, so throwing it out there to get opinions. Just playing around with the “diffuse glow” filter in PS.

What technical feedback would you like if any?

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

(If this is a composite, etc. please be honest with your techniques to help others learn)

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Works for me, Mike. It kind of reminds me of infrared. My only suggestion is that I would like to see a larger version. This has a wonderful glow that would fit right in with a fairy tale. This is a unique take on a woodland scene.

I really like the image, but the filter effect really isn’t doing it for me. You might post it straight up just for contrast and comparison?

Thanks @Ed_Lowe and @Harley_Goldman. Harley here is the original.

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I quite like it straight up!

I like the “diffused glow” version Michael. For me it has a very painterly feel to it. So I suppose it only matter what your intention/goal was when creating it. Just a bit different and fun IMO.

Cool idea, and a good candidate for the effect, with all that fine texture. I think it would work better if you went whole hog with it, making the entire image impressionistic. The mixture of sharp tree trunks and glowing foliage is a bit jarring. Did you try it with a bit of diffusion/glow on the trunks, also? The original is lovely, too.

I guess I’m pretty conservative when it comes to photography. The straight up for me in this case, particularly because the straight up looks so good in the first place.

Thanks @Bonnie_Lampley, @linda_mellor, @Harley_Goldman, @Igor_Doncov. No @Bonnie_Lampley, I just used the default settings, whatever they were.

Same here, Mike. The original image is a very strong image as is. I wish I had taken this shot.

straight up version for me too. i like the effect, i’m just not sure if this is the right image for it.

Count me in for the straight up image but a very close second is the painterly, impressionistic image.

I’m also another vote for the straight up version. The original post is just too diffuse for my taste, and it loses a lot of the subtle colors that appeal to me in the straight up version. The reds and oranges in particular get lost.

Here is another idea, that is sort of in between the two version that you presented here. I downloaded the straight up version, and a TK Actions Smart Orton effect on it, and then dropped the opacity of it to about 40%. This creates the diffuse glow look, but retains more detail and color.