In The Pink

Bergsbotn, Senja, Norway

The most difficult bit of this particular shot of a sumptuous pink sunrise over the reflective waters of Bergsbotn was actually making my way to the water’s edge which required a 50m traverse on a boulder field concealed by half a metre of crusty snow. Once there I needed to combine two graduated filters to step down the brightness of sky to sea and sea to rock with a combination of hard and soft neutral density graduated filters. The result has an ethereal beauty which matches the vision I beheld at the start of another winter day in Senja.

Pentax 67 II, 55-100 zoom, Fujichrome Velvia.
0.45ND Hard edge graduated filter in conjunction with a 0.6ND soft edge filter the first aligned with the water/sky horizon the second aligned with the water/foreshore, f/27 at 6 Seconds.


Well that didn’t work as expected.

The color here is fabulous Ian. The foreground rocks anchor the image and lead the viewer into that beautiful pink horizon and ghostly land forms nicely.


Absolutely gorgeous color. You’re reproduced EXACTLY what I believe is what I would have witnessed had I been standing there. Excellent job with the processing (of course also getting it from camera/film/scanner, etc.)


ps. What didn’t work so well? Looks like you successfully uploaded and posted? Looks great!

The peachy pink goes well with the gray of the rocks, and your use of the GNDs is very smooth.

Ian, I’m really enjoying the wonderful pastel tones in the sky and water here. This image does a great job of capturing the color gradients in this scene, and communicating a strong sense of being at this location during twilight. Very nice…

Such a delicate pink and so glassy. I like the up close look at the rocks with their barnacles, which is textured and solid, juxtaposed with the softness of the rest of the image. I also like the reflections.

Nice one Ian! I love the soft tones here. A very classy shot!

This is impressive! Really enjoying this comp and absolutely love the light and colors you captured this in. Beautiful work Ian.

The pastel tones and brightness look so perfectly rendered here. Great job with those filters.