A seed flies in the right direction for this Mountain Chickadee. Taken in the hills above San Diego.

Specific Feedback Requested

Is it too tight a crop? I could make it larger pretty easily. But I like the detail.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
ISO 800, 400+1.4 X, F5 .6, 2000th, about 40% of full frame, A7r4


Fantastic capture, David. The details in the bird and the seed are outstanding. Nicely done.

Given the presence of the seed and the obvious attention the Chickadee is paying to it, I’d say the framing is about right, David. Great catch.

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I think this is a very nice image. You asked about the crop. Yes, I think it is too tight in the frame. I’d love to see more room all the way around.

A larger crop has been added.

Great shot David! Excellent timing. I love how you got such great detail in both the bird and the seed.

hmmm. This is a tougher one. The perches for birds are always tough and when the perch doesn’t fit the size of the bird, it creates even more challenges. But… we don’t get to choose where they land. The larger crop introduces even more of the perch that is just too large for the size of the bird. Here’s a bit of a different crop to slight de-emphasize the perch. I darkened it by painting contrast on the perch. I also did a bit of that to the bird, but lightened it, rather than darkened. See what you think.

Really awesome image, David! Is there a story behind the seed flying? Was it dropping from a nearby plant or was someone throwing seeds for the birds to catch?!

This works for me also. But you can see why I cropped it closer initially.

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Great capture of the Chickadee, David! Details and exposure are excellent and the seed is the icing on the cake and makes it special. Personally, I prefer the first post. Since there’s no background of any interest, the expansion doesn’t add to the scene and only loses the great detail in the close-up. The close-up is also a better balanced composition.

Hello, David, wonderful ‘action’ shot (how come seeds fly?). Love the intend look of the Chickadee. The composition is a difficult one indeed - I would be tempted to opt for your first posted image… But, it’s not easy :wink: … Cheers, Hans

There were several piles of seeds nearby where this image was taken and other birds may have flicked them into the air. The other possibility is that the chickadee had collected in the air and I caught it in mid flight.