Insight About the Thumbnail Galleries

My time has been severely restricted lately, so my visits to NPN had to evolve for most effective use of the time available. I needed a shorthand version of image reviews, doing so quickly while reserving time for comments on a very few. My “new” method is to fast scan across the array of thumbnails in each category to pick the one or two most promising for closer looks.

It suddenly occurred to me that’s EXACTLY like my times on a light table back in the days of slides, reviewing photo submissions for publication! In a past life I did that, combing through hundreds of submissions for the few that would survive to the final review. As lovely and inspiring as many photos can be on close examination, it takes very strong graphic appeal to stir an editor (or this NPN photophile) to a closer examination.

I’m not advocating this for anyone simply enjoying and commenting on NPN, but it’s an interesting glimpse of photo editors. Aside from being a fun exercise, it’s also an insight for anyone assembling large submissions of their own work for publication.

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