Intruder Among the Day Lilies

Originally posted in the critiques. This is the final version. A riot of leading lines and eye candy from last Spring. A 15 image focus stack. I may have posted this at the time; I don’t remember. Regardless, it is all new post processing, fresh from Helicon Focus’ digital oven. The main work done with it was removing the cyan color cast in the greenery.

Pertinent technical details or techniques to help others learn:

Camera Info: Nikon D750, tripod, remote release
Lens: VR 180mm f/2.8G
Focus Mode: Manual
AF-Area Mode: Single
Aperture: f/4.5
Shutter Speed: 1/100s
Exposure Mode: Aperture Priority
Exposure Comp.: 0EV
Metering: Spot
ISO Sensitivity: ISO 200
80% of full frame
PP in LR/PS CC 2018, Helicon Focus Pro (pyramid method), Topaz Studio. TK sharpen for web @ 35%

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