My first post here. I recently spent several weeks exploring the West Coast, which I had never done before. While there were so many inspiring locations to see and photograph, I was heavily drawn to the sequoias in the Redwood Forest. It was a bright and clear summer morning without the mist I envisioned, and I nearly didn’t go. But, I had a feeling, an intuition that I should be there anyway. Somehow the beauty and light still revealed itself.

Technical Details

Created with my Nikon z7ii + Nikkor Z 14-24mm. Shot at 22mm, ISO 100, 1.3s at f14.

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Welcome to NPN, Shanda. I am sure you’ll get a lot out of our community and know that your contributions will be equally valuable. I love your first image. The Redwoods are one of my favorite places too. Thanks for sharing and introducing yourself.


Hello David. Thank you for the welcome. I certainly look forward to connecting, learning, and contributing more.


Beautiful shot, love the sun rays coming from behind the tree. I’ll keep my eye out for any other pictures you may post from what I’m sure was a great trip.