I am always blown away by the marvels of life large and small. These incredible intertidal denizens display different iridescent colors in the sunlight.

Flattop Crab (Petrolisthes eriomerus)
Six-rayed Sea Star (Leptasterias hexactis)

There are also a couple other critters hidden in the photo.

Nikon D7200, Tamron 90mm, f8, 1/200th, iso 140.
Salish Sea, Washington State.

Please list any pertinent technical details or techniques to help others.

That is quite the find, Joshua. I am glad you told what the subjects were, because just looking at the image, I wasn’t guessing it. Now that I know, I can see the details of the claws, etc.

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Thank you.

I put white circles around all of the critters.

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Excellent image. I love how you have identified the “critters” for us. Are you familiar with the three volume set of “Fishes of the Salish Sea”? Quite a remarkable work.

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