Irritated Look

Irritated Look…
Nikon 3200
Sigma lens 150- 500

ISO 3200
1/200 sec
A waterhole, filled with water, birds are there to quench their thirst and catch some prey. Bulbuls, pitta, quails, drongo…Suddenly these two tigers reach the waterhole, taking bath and relaxing from the summer heat. Too many onlookers surround them to catch a glimpse of the tigers and take snaps. The birds got irritated, they are trying to drive away the tigers so that they can have their peace of mind. Shouting and flying around tigers and making them irritated too. Ranthambore, May 2018

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

Hi Nishand!
Presence of flying bird adds to the story but I find it’s proximity to tiger’s face, is bit distracting.
You may brighten up the mid tones a bit and if you have some more canvas on the top, try not to cut second tiger’s head.

Thank you very much for your valuable comment,Jagdeep Sir. I have a tiger image without bird too, but it’s look towards that irritating bird made me put it here. I afraid I have the second tiger in this frame that much only. In order to get the face of the first tiger I had to tilt down the frame a little bit. Glad to hear from you after meeting you at Satpura Wild Clicks 7. Thank you once again.
with regards
Nishand Venugopal

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I agree that the bird is too large and close to the tiger, but that look of "if I could only set a paw on you…: is truly wonderful.

Thank you very much for your encouraging comment.

with regards
Nishand Venugopal