Isolated Trees

Although I am an amateur landscape photographer, many people assume I shoot primarily minimalist images. While this genre is a favorite, I am more of an opportunist. This shot is a good example. I visited a new location on an unexpectedly foggy morning, and this bank of trees was seen some distance from shore in the middle of a small lake. The reach of my small lens was barely up to the task. A boost of contrast was required in post-processing to enhance the tree outlines.

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

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Nikon D810, Nikon 24-120 f/4, Manfrotto tripod with RRS ball head

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I love this! What a great clean composition!

I definitely feel how you do in regards to being an opportunist with compositions but that’s what nature photography is about. If you are merely walking among nature and looking to get inspired, this is almost natural.

This has an intriguing graphic quality - somewhat resembles a line of an ancient script.

Very simple composition. It is the kind of composition most of us would probably walk past. This is well seen and photographed. I could see this hanging in a fine art gallery.

Thank you everyone. This was a unique morning. When I first came across the entire lake scene, I simply stopped and stared at the sheer beauty. I didn’t actually shoot for several minutes. I just took it all in and very fortunate to see it- especially on my first visit. I can’t wait to go back at dawn on a clear morning!