It's the Setting

I encountered this derelict building near Craigmont, Idaho. It is far from being in as bad shape as some of my other derelict subjects. However, the setting was one I could not pass up—rolling hills, fluffy clouds, spring green leaves on the willows and lovely magenta blooms scattered throught the foreground—all contrasting with the older, faded barn.

Technical Details

Composite: No
EF 28-70mm @ 70mm; f/16 2 1/30 sec. -1 EV, ISO 100

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Nice. I’ve had some great times chasing structures in western Idaho when I am out there in the Palouse. I plan on going there again in early June.


I know exactly what you mean. I’ve shot a small abandoned shack in a field of pink and purple lupine for exactly the same reasons. In retrospect, I think the lupines have been cultivated and are maintained as a food source for Karner blue butterfly caterpillars; a rare and vulnerable species here in Wisconsin. The contrasts in this are quite striking and the colors so rich.

Thank you, David. It is a rich landscape for these hidden treasures. Like all precious gems they can be solitary or found in troves.

Thank you, Ms. Smith. It is not what one looks at, but rather, what one sees.