Joshua Tree NP December 18-20, 2023

Hi all,
This December I’ll be reaching the half-century mark. I’m celebrating by, among other things, spending a few days in Joshua Tree National Park. I’ll be there December 18-20. If anyone happens to be planning to be there during that time let me know–it would be great to connect with other NPNers.

Hm, I could be tempted by this. And the big 5-0 is one to mark for sure. My little brother turns 50 this year, too. I’m in the I-can’t-drive-55 year, myself.

@DeanRoyer @_Kris as I hit the 3/4 century mark here shortly the 1/2 century mark seems like a life time ago now. If either of you venture out to JTNP at that time if I cannot make a meet up at all let me know if you need ideas on locations. You can always browse my images for ideas and I’ll try to share sites as I recall them.

@_Kris and @Paul_Breitkreuz, just let me know if you end up deciding to head out to JTNP. @Paul_Breitkreuz, I’d love any ideas on locations. This will be my first time there.

Dean, if you use both the Google Earth and the TPE program you will find that there are many rock formations along the Park Blvd loop. In away, the scenes are unending. Although the park’s name is associated with the iconic Joshua Trees I find the rock formations are the best for backdrops to any of the foliage’s you might find.
I’ve taken MANY images from the park over the years and as such cannot say I have a favorite site in the end. But if you see an image in my collection of scenes let me know I’ll try my best to recall the exact point as I can.

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Hmmmm… I’m always tempted… But December is always a scrambling busy holiday season, and the winter weather out west is anyone’s guess. Dec 12 is the new moon so there could be some moonlight landscapes the 18-20th, with a first-quarter moon, and a chance of maybe-dark-enough skies after moonset. There is a LOT of light pollution to the west, though (LA) and Las Vegas and Phoenix are a little farther away to the NE and SE.

Thank you, @Diane_Miller. I’m planning to do both daytime and night photography so this is helpful.