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Bohemian Waxwings are vagrants in our area and over the last days we had one in the city where I live. One Waxwing and 653.000 inhabitants. That’s a bit unbalanced, and as usual it attracted some onlookers. So, it was quite a challenge to get a good shot of the bird :wink: … Juggling the berries is their typical behavior, with modern cameras a lot easier to catch than in the past :wink:

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Nikon Z9 with 500mm f4 | 1/800s | f4 | ISO900 | underexposed 1/3EV | handheld. The BG is a building, and I added some canvas to the top.


Now that’s the decisive moment! You’ve made the BG look like sky too. And you caught the bird in time to have plenty of berries in the shot. This species is actually the common one in Korea, so maybe your one took the wrong turning en route. It’s a great shot; the only possible change I might consider is removing the small bunch of berries in the LLC. A sure-fire winner.

Wonderful composition with perfect sharpness and detail in wonderful light! And of course the decisive moment!!

I have a friend watching a tree like this near her neighborhood (a crabapple?) where I have made similar photographs in past years. We missed the timing last year – once they start working on the tree it takes them about 3 days to strip it and move on. Fingers crossed for this year!

Very cool, Hans. You did indeed catch the perfect moment and the background looks like it could easily be sky. We get the Cedar Waxwings here pretty regularly, though they’re pretty shy. the only time I’ve seen the Bohemian was on our last day when we went to Nome five years ago. To my eye, with all the weight on the left of the frame, it feels as if you could shave a bit off the right side.

Wow, this is the epitome of the “decisive moment”! Excellent. Those berries on the left side could be cloned out - they’re a bit fuzzy.

Perfect moment captured at the perfect time. This reminds me of Thomas Mangelsen’s image of the grizzly bear in the river with his mouth wide open and the salmon jumping right into it without toughing the bears lips or teeth. One in a billion shot on film. Yep, so much easier than just a couple of years ago with the new mirrorless cameras we have these days. Sensational image, Hans.

Perfect moment, nice head turn, and excellent detail. Nice out of focus background. Another vote to remove the berries in the llc.

Thanks @mike, @Diane_Miller , @Dennis_Plank , @Bonnie_Lampley , @David_Haynes and @Allen_Brooks for taking the time to comment! Okay, so the OOF berries are out - I thought of that first thing as well, but then thought it would look too much like a staged perch. Must be my twisted mind :wink: … Thanks! Cheers, Hans

A very pleasing image and follow the other reviewers critiques for removing the OOF berries in the LLC for perfection. Awesome shot…Jim

HI Hans
This is a dream shot for me, keeping or removing the berries in the lower left corner, is of little interest to me.
NIce work.

Great timing on this one Hans! I do think removing the berries on the llc like you said would be an improvement. Other than that, I love the framing! Nice work!