Just joined and wanted to say hi!

Hi everyone,

I am Brynn Alise and am from the Boulder, CO area. I love to photograph wildlife, landscapes and seascapes mainly, but also love macro and intimate nature shots. I am excited to learn more and grow as a photographer through this site and all the amazing artists here! As far as this shot goes, I pulled over on a dirt road with about seven other cars as this grizzly was well over 100 yards away. We all parked and stayed in our cars, and she meandered her way toward us eating flowers. We all stayed parked where we were and allowed her to go about her business. She ended up coming closer to us but everyone was in cars, engines off and she just kept on going past us. This was shot with 400mm/2.8 prime with 1.4 extender and image is cropped as well.


Welcome, Brynn! Wow, what a wonderful first photo! Look forward to seeing more of your wildlife images!

Thank you so much! I just took this one last week so thought it would be fun to share a new favorite!

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Amazing! Is that near where you live? BTW when you want to reply to someone on this site you need to put an @ with their name beside it so they see that you are talking to them, I only knew because I was in it at the time. Also just so you know this a wonderful site for getting very honest feedback and also giving it, I’m sure you’ll love it!

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Hi Brynn, welcome to NPN and I must say what an incredible first photo! I’m looking forward to seeing more of your work and I think that you’ll love it here. :blush:

Brynn, very welcome to NPN. I am not into wildlife photography but to me this is a great image. The craftmanship is very good, and the pose is just great (if you are not to close!). I also like a lot how you have managed the DOF.

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Welcome to NPN, Brynn, glad you are here.

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Brynn, welcome to NPN. I hope that you find this site just as amazing as I did. It is such a great community of photographers, of all levels, willing to help each other along their journey. This is an amazing first photo. My first thought was, I wonder how long the lens, because he is headed right for you. Looking forward to more of your images, as well as your comments on other’s images as well.

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Hello Brynn, welcome to NPN. Looking forward to more of your image and your contributions. This first image is an awesome start.


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Welcome, Brynn. Glad you have joined the NPN.

Now, that got me excited to see more of your work. Having grown up on the coast of northeast Brazil, I am passionate about seascapes as well as the other photo genres you mentioned.

Glad to see you here Brynn! Looking forward to seeing more of your wildlife images. I feel like I know you even though we haven’t actually met :smile: Sorry we couldn’t connect in the Tetons, that was a bummer for us!

@Tom_Nevesely Thank you so much and I am so excited to be here - now just have to f igure out how to use the site :slight_smile:

@David_Kingham Trying to figure out how to reply correctly. So happy to be here and I feel the same way - really need to meet you in person!! So bummed I missed you and Jennifer. It will happen one of these times.

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@EgĂ­dio_LeitĂŁo So nice to meet you! I am glad we share some of the same interests with photography

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@Shirley_Freeman Thanks for the welcome. Shot with 400/2.8 prime with 1/4 extender and from my car…she was walking toward me and about 30 yards away. After this shot, I closed my windows and waited for her to pass by!

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@Ola_Jovall shot from my car, but should have made that clear. I am a proponent of ethical wildlife photography at all times.

@Matt_Payne Thanks Matt, excited to figure the site out!

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I had no doubt about the ethical, I was just concerned about safety.

Hello Brynn !
Welcome to NPN !
A great image to introduce yourself, wonderful subject and execution !
Looking forward to seeing more images from your repertoire !
Cheers !

Hi and welcome Brynn! Gorgeous shot although I’m glad we don’t have brownies where I live. Looking forward to having you post and comment to add your view of the world and perspective on others.

The site is pretty easy to navigate IMO, but sometimes little things get lost like that you can reply to everyone in one post - just use the little @ and their names one after the other. You can even do multiple quotes in one thread, too. It’s pretty nice.