Kebler & McClure Passes- 9-22 and 9-23

Kebler & McClure Passes- 9-22 and 9-23

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Here are some snaps from this last weekend the 22nd and 23rd, from Kebler Pass and McClure Pass. Horse Ranch Park area really nice, and it the wind holds off a bit, should be really nice this coming weekend (I’m hoping!). West side of Kebler is still incredibly green! Southside of McClure on highway 133 still a ways to go too, in my opinion from years past, not sure its going to look all that great this year. Top of pass mostly green, but the ferns are looking awesome! View out towards Marble is looking pretty nice too.

Kebler Pass - 9-23-18

Kebler Pass - Horse Ranch Park 9-23-18

Kebler Pass -West side 9-23-18

McClure Pass- south side 9-23-18

McClure Pass- summit 9-23-18

McClure Pass- summit looking towards Marble 9-23-18

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