Keep swimming. Don't look back!

D500. Sigma @ 270mm. 1/1500sec f/5.6 800 ISO

Very cool, Michael. I love the heron in the background and a line of ducklings is always a neat sight. Since your focal length was 270, I’m guessing you were using a zoom and I think zooming out a little further would have made an even better image. the ducklings are pushing the sides of the frame and the Heron is pushing the top, so a bit more room all around would make it feel more comfortable.

Sadly, that’s the entire frame. I had no time to prepare the shot.

Hi Michael
This is one of thoughts time when a composition of two shot of the same frame would work. One with the Blue in focus and the other with the ducks. O-well you can only photograph what nature give you. Nice work.

Dennis, I took your advice, which is always sound, and added some canvas to either side and to the top. It does make a difference. Thanks!

Good job on the rework, Michael. If you want to keep playing with this image, I think it might balance a bit better if you brought the brightness of the heron down a bit.