Kereru (New Zealand Wood Pigeon) in light rain

So I am by no means a ‘bird photographer’, my specialty is well and truly in landscapes. However when the opportunity presents its self, I can’t help but try and take advantage of it. These guys are one of the various native species to New Zealand. They are known for their bulk, physical size and un-coordination. Weighing up to nearly a kilo (2lbs), you often hear the notable ‘woosh woosh’ of them moving through the air.

The longest lens I had in my bag was my Sigma 50mm Art but that was no problem, the scene lended its self perfectly to to a 50mm capture.
Open the hi res version and you can see the individual rain drops.

Open to any and all critique.

An impressive bird, good detail and a nice misty rainy background. Portrait framing a good choice.

It is tough to critique an image without the support of any technical details (camera, mode, lens opening, post processing, etc.).

A bit more contrast would showcase the birds iridescent plumage.

If this is full frame, the resulting image is all cramped in the lower right corner. I would crop enough from the left to move the bird to the lower third point, and from the top to where the remaining sky occupies no more than a third of the frame. That would be about 60% of the current frame remaining. You would probably have to clip some of the tallest branch.

I wish the forked branch sprouting out of the bird’s head weren’t there. I would be tempted to make it go away!

BTW, welcome to NPN! If this is your first post post, it is certainly an excellent start. I look forward to seeing more from you!

There is good detail and color in the bird. I agree with Phil’s comments. The bird is the main subject in the image but it gets lost in all of the blank area of the image. If this is full frame I would keep the same ratio but pull down from the top right corner at least to the top of the tree and eliminate most of the blank sky. In a perfect world the branch would not be behind the birds head, but it doesn’t bother me because it is part of the natural habitat and does not block any part of the bird.

@Phil_Hodgkins @Richard_Teller Thanks for the feedback guys.

Hi Michael. Nice to see you in the avian group. You captured the portliness of this bird extremely well. Given the rainy conditions, I think I’d leave the contrast where it is-it fits the scene. I agree that it seems a bit heavy in the lower right and I don’t think the empty sky adds muc, but I don’t think I’d crop past the top of the tree.

If you know any bird photographers over there, we’d love to have them as part of this forum!