Kitchen Floor

Potty training has its upsides… I was at home helping to potty train our son. The mission was obvious. The approach was simple. Put him on a training potty, read him a lot of books, and then celebrate ‘victories.’

It just so happens that our backyard has a slight rise on which small wildlife likes to search for food . This slightly rainy overcast day we had cardinals and squirrels visiting.

I made this image while literally sitting on the kitchen floor and shooting through the rear glass door. Inside lights turned off so there wouldn’t be a glare. Not wanting to ‘waste’ a good opportunity I used a 100-400 with a 1.4x and left it by my side. Shooting off some images between books. Parenting… ha!

This image stood out since it’s not a typical bird portrait (taken with an atypical approach).

Technical Details

Composite: No
1/320 sec; f9.0; 1600 ISO; 0 EV; 560mm