Knockin on Heaven's Door

Shenandoah NP is one of those locations which is almost too close to home. So close that it becomes overlooked. With special interest placed on the more far off, and therefore more “interesting”, locations.

On the first morning, of my first visit, I was treated to an inversion. The fog didn’t come to the base of the mountains. However, it did cover from about 1 mile away to the horizon. The sunrise wasn’t dramatic. The real show began after the sun rose above the clouds and started to illuminate the top of the fog.

For this frame, I waited until the sun had mostly passed through a break in the clouds and the crepuscular rays were pointed downward towards the top of the fog.

There isn’t a bit of terra firma in the photo. Does that disqualify it from being a landscape photo?? If so, what category would it fall into?

Technical Details

Composite: No
1/125 sec; f/16; ISO 200; EV0; 234mm

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