Last image of 2020

I shoot daily pretty much, this is my last image of 2020, taken yesterday in the Columbia Gorge.
Tundra Swan.

Specific Feedback Requested

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
D500, 500mm (300 f2.8 w 1.7tc(, f4.8, 1/1600, iso4500

Excellent, Dan. I see these a lot, but have never managed to get close enough for a decent flight shot. Your ability to get close to birds is outstanding and it shows in the images.

Superb contrast between swan and BG. Nice flight position. I would cut 5% off the top to make more of pano view.

A nice flight shot and excellent look at Tundra swan. Pano crop sounds like an interesting idea. We get lots of Trumpeters with a few Tundra Swans mixed in. Our problem with id is they feed in potato fields and distinctive markings are covered up.

HI Dan
You saved the best for the last shot of the day. The control of the whites is outstanding, there is nice wing detail and the water drops are a nice touch. Maybe you could re-crop into a 16by9? Nice work.