Last Light

The stark nature of the Kalahari desert is exaggerated with the last light of day when everything terrestrial is reduced to silhouettes.

Technical Details

Composite: No
EF 28-70mm @ 70mm; Fujichrome Velvia 100; Scanned with Nikon Super cool scan 5000


Wonderful scene that would make an awesome print. Thanks for sharing, Bob.

Thank you, David. It holds a special place in my memory and in my first book also.

Bob, I’m sitting here trying to come up with words to use for this unbelievable picture, but I at am a loss. Just f**king stunning. Sorry, but it deserves an expletive.

Thank you, David. When in the Kalahari desert one can see to the horizon without any disruptions. It takes a bit of time to wrap one’s brain around the desolation knowing that, somewhere out there, it is teeming with wildlife. I was parked next to a waterhole all day watching them parade in and out of view. I was hoping to catch a giraffe drinking because they are so ungainly and at great risk when they drink. None showed up this day.
This image portrays, to the best of my ability, the vast starkness I experienced.

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