Late Season Lotus

1/640 sec at f /5.6, ISO 400

Please list any pertinent technical details or techniques to help others.


Beautiful, I love the color and detail in the petals. Thank you for sharing.

Beautiful lilies Adrienne. Love the detail and the lovely colors. Nicely done.

Beautiful portrait of two flowers at extremes of their beauty. One was beautiful and now is tired. The other is almost at full beauty, but bashfully hiding its pistils under a petal until tomorrow, and further obscured by the curled leaf. A haiku should be created to accompany.

These are very beautiful.

What a beautiful find!!

I like how the kind of scalloped edges of the petals are somewhat echoed in the edges of some of the green leaves. Makes the two elements nicely fit together…kind of all nestled in! Great find!

Beautifully made. Lotus can be a difficult subject and you nailed it. Thank you for sharing.