Leaf Falls

Hi all,

[4th edit - I’ll get the hang it]

I enjoy walking in Gower, Wales and taking photos along the way; very much a hobby and a fairly recent one (to get me out of the self-employed work-at-home software dev seat). When I had an instagram account I quickly realised that what I liked was the opposite of what my followers liked or to put it another way, my instagram likes seemed to be inversely proportional to focal length I used :smile: They liked the vistas, I liked the closeups, abstracts and wave ICMs. I don’t post on any social media now or have any social media accounts in fact because I felt myself being tugged a bit by likes, so I ran! Anyway I also like experimenting with processing and chose to process this photo somewhat darkly because of the start of Autumn.


I like the presentation here. The tones and color look great, and give this a nice mood.

My only nit is the leaf stems. I find them mildly distracting, and I don’t believe the image would suffer if they were cloned out.

I love the treatment of the water.

Cheers Preston, it was a bit of an experiment but I think I will continue to practice with this sort of toning.