Life Lessons

A polar bear sow (Ursus maritimus) teaches her cub how to forage for food in the kelp.

Captured from a helicopter—no window, to avoid reflections and glare. Handheld to act as a gimbal and absorb vibrations from the rotor. EF 2.8 70-200mm+2x @ 400mm; f/8 @ 1/750 sec, -1 EV, ISO 100; TV mode; Evaluative metering; Auto WB

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Cool frame and good gradation of whites in the frame. Doesn’t look like it was taken from the helicopter…I mean the aerial view.

Thank you, Jagdeep for your kind remarks. It is, indeed, challenging to capture the subtle texture and shadows in snow. Fortunately this location, Wapusk NP, was under high clouds resulting in low contrast. Perhaps the perspective, making it appear not to be shot from the air, is the result of the distance to the bears from the helicopter, its relatively low position, and the 400mm lens resulting in a shallow angle of approach and compression. At the time this image was captured, the only way to get to Wapusk was by helicopter.