Light on a Redwood

I used to love watching how old filmmakers used light during the 30s and 40s. Whether it was shadows on the wall or smoke from a cigarette circling upwards. That’s what came to mind as I watched last light move from branch to branch. In fact that was an issue because I focus stacked this image and the light changed so fast that the lit area changed from image to image(long exposures). I ended up picking the one with the best light.

Specific Feedback Requested

Once again I am interested in emotional response. I’m also interested in the color scheme I have chosen. Would you change that?

Technical Details

GFX50R, 45-100mm

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Igor , another photographic painting. Very peaceful fine composition !

Igor, another fine image. I think the colors are fine (to me at least). I guess the emotional response is “Curiosity.” I’m curious to look more closely at the details, to find the artistic composition, and to gain some insight.


Wonderful image. I think most would understand the fleeting moment that this image captures. For sure that light is temporary and this epitimizes and defines how I feel about many, if not most photographs, and that is, “a moment in time.” So if there’s any emotional response (you know me), then it’s about “time” and how this moment will never happen again.

I also wonder about the source of the light and what all surrounds this little scene. I can only imagine being surrounded by the deep forest… but of course I don’t have that 4th dimension of feeling or experiencing anything because I wasn’t there - but I can let my imagination fill in the gaps.

Colors, processing all look great with this one.


Hi Igor,
Colors look great to me, as far as emotional response this image makes me think of time as well, not just the moment of the capture as the light is moving across the trunk, but with the trees trunk and all the cracks and crevices, what has this tree been through? What happened where that dark area is?

The color and detail are wonderful Igor. As far as an emotional response I wonder what storms and fires it may have seen during its lifetime.

Hi Igor,
I like the intimacy of this scene. It is at once abstract and feels like a recognizable context. That’s an unusual pairing: abstraction and context. The context comes to me from the light, which is spot lighting, so I know the light is coming through other trees, and yet this tree has seen a lot of storm or fire damage, and so the forest around it is either very strong or somewhat battle-worn as well. All of these thought processes make this a wonderfully engaging image for me.

Well, it’s nice to see you back Marylynne! You know, every time I think of going to Palouse to make an image I think of you and your work. It’s a long drive from Bend, though.

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Thank you for your comments on this one. I thought I was on to something with this one so I went back to try make more with the same idea. I guess I just got lucky with this one because the ones I saw were either too bright or had the light on a part of the tree that wasn’t that interesting or both. I guess its true what they say. You just have to shoot what’s given to you and not what you plan on shooting.