"Light Stream"

As time goes by, I become more and more captivated by the way that light reflects in water. Depending on where I am, the movement of the water, and the quality of the light, it never occurs in quite the same way.

“If photography is the art of capturing light, then photographing water may be the purest form of it.” — From my tutorial video, “Seeing the Light.”

Technical Details

Single image photographed with a telephoto lens. F/16 to get it all in focus from front to back with such an angled plane. (No polarizer)


Light on the water is endlessly fascinating. It’s always a treat to move around a scene and watch how the light changes depending on your viewing angle, to find just the right spot for whatever you want to show. This stream looks like the epitome of liquid gold.

Your image has a time-stopping, other-worldly quality. It succeeds in capturing the intensity of the moment in its pure beauty, thereby lifting us out of the ordinary. Excellent work. Absolutely gorgeous!

Eric, I love the light and warm color in the reflection. The cooler tones of the rocks work well and help my eye stay within the lane of the water. Beautiful image!