Lily Pond


It has been a very hot and muggy summer in New England this year. One of the few upsides to these conditions is that it often brings interesting clouds. I had been out shooting sunrise along the seacoast in Massachusetts, and later in the morning as I was driving home I passed this pond. The light was pretty harsh at this point, but I thought it would work as a Black and White. I just couldn’t pass up these nice clouds.

This is a single exposure, but with some selective dodging and burning. I used TK Luminosity Masks to darken the water and sky, and bring up the lillypads.


You are right Ed; those clouds are to good to pass up as this does makes for a wonderful B&W. This has a great range of tones and a nice sense of depth to it. I particularly like those FG lily pads. Beautifully done.

That’s lovely Ed, dramatic sky which usually I find a little too much but this works very well with the strong textural foreground provided by the lillies and black and white is a good choice.

Thank you for the comments Ed. The hot and humid weather this summer in New England has been more like your neck of the woods, but at least we’ve had some nice clouds. I’m currently on a trip to Acadia, I will have a few from this week that you will enjoy at some point.

This works really nicely in black and white, Ed. I love the repeating lily pads.

Thank you for your comments Ian, I agree, the only way these clouds work is as a B&W, with the balancing of texture in the lilys. The color version of this image is just not that interesting.

Thank you for your comments Sarah, it’s appreciated.

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Very nice, Ed. The repeating lily pads work well to bring my eye through the frame and that one foreground bloom provides a strong focal point. The clouds provide some great leading lines but I’d be inclined to experiment some cropping off the top to get away from 50-50 split and add a bit more dynamism.

Oops, just realized I’m not supposed to critique these. Apologies, Ed.

No problem about the critique Dave, I think you have a point about the crop. Sometimes I’m having a hard time breaking the “old” NPN habit of all posts are fair game for critique. However, I think the new philosophy of critique has a lot of merit, and hope it works out over time. I think eventually I’ll post a mixture of critique and gallery images, whereas up to now I have posted only gallery.

This works great in B&W Ed. Nice tonal range.