Images are all around. This cultivated lily is beside the front porch in easy reach. I spent some time just looking at different angles and decided on the back of the flower with the sun filtering through petals.

The ant is serendipitous. I didn’t see it until post-processing.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any comments are welcome.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No

iPhone 8. Post-processed with LightRoom Mobile.


I missed this one in the flurry. Sorry. Backs of flowers are so interesting sometimes. The shapes and contours create pleasing lines and this is a nice example. The tiny ant is a bonus. Colors and shading all look good to me. Maybe increase the break between petals on the right edge or crop closer to eliminate. The stem has great patterning and the light is killer.

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@Kris_Smith Thanks for looking. Yup, banish the break between the petals.

I love to sneak up from behind flowers.